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The Complete Dictation and Transcription Solution!

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So, you are an administrator faced with the challenges of new software, long training sessions, countless questions and complaints, and the financial burdens and government regulations of your new EMR. Or, you're a Physician or healthcare provider with the need to comply with all of the definitions of "meaningful use" within your EMR, but now challenged with the task of pointing and clicking your way to a truly thorough description of your patient's diagnosis, needs, and all actions taken toward healing this real live person— you feel the serious frustration of dealing with your EMR software program. What happened to the ease and personal attention to detail you relied on with traditional transcription? Why can't you simply incorporate dictation back into your workflow?

With Allegiant, you can! We've created a unique, comprehensive process that allows you to completely document the patient encounter using more than your EMR's point-and-click template options, AND you still meet your "meaningful use" guidelines and receive your entire stimulus bonus. We offer dictation through phone, voice recorder, our new smart phone apps and back-end speech-understanding solutions. Our total medical data documentation solutions place data into the appropriate sections, automatically populating your EMR. Allegiant solutions require no change in physician behavior, therefore achieving higher physician adoption and physician satisfaction.

Allegiant minimizes provider data entry, increases accuracy, and all the while increasing your revenue cycles. Allegiant brings you the highest quality, most complete medical document for the lowest cost, period. You are are in full compliance with government regulations, physician productivity is increased and your practice upholds stellar, attentive patient care. And all with no contracts, no software charges, no capital investment, and rapid deployment.

Allegiant's service applications bring an unprecedented level of transparency to your transcription workflow.  Now you control the entire process, from the moment a dictation occurs to the printing and processing of documents.

Lower your Transcription cost by up to 40% or more!

Populate your EMR/EHR Automatically using DaRT